From Enduring Hardships To Becoming Successful In America- Anthony Irungu Advices Kenyans Looking For Jobs Abroad


Anthony Irungu has warned his fellow Kenyans who are seeking jobs abroad against being prideful and looking down upon certain jobs which are mostly associated with low-class individuals.

While narrating his story of how he started from humble beginnings to achieving his dreams, Irungu told Tuko that many people miss out on grand opportunities just because of the misconceptions surrounding the nature of some jobs.

“Whenever you are seeking opportunities abroad, make sure you leave your pride in Kenya because out there the systems are totally different.

Most of the things people consider to be awkward or odd jobs give you the flexibility to do other things and people earn a lot from that” he stated

Irungu who works as an uber driver during the weekends in America says that the job is very convenient to him as compared to working full time in the office which he finds very limiting.

Speaking of his childhood, Irungu says that it was not all a bed of roses considering that his dad rejected him and at some point even abandoned the family leaving his mother to look after them.

He also encountered hardships while pursuing his studies since school fees was a challenge and this saw him frequently sent back home for failing to make the payment.

Despite the struggles, he managed to get a chance to study in the US after several failed attempts of trying to bag the opportunity.

Irungu who is currently pursuing his PhD was hit by yet another storm after his mother succumbed to cancer.

As per his mother’s dying wish, Irungu helped his sister complete her university studies which were put to a halt by lack of finances.

The father of one also advised Kenyans working abroad to always remain focused and invest back in their homes whenever they get the opportunities.