From America To Finding Love In Bungoma: Meet Missionary Who Married A Boda Boda Operator


When Carey Wanyonyi came to Kenya in 2018, she was on a mission to spread the word of God and this journey came with more blessings as she found the love of her life with whom she is now raising a family with.

In an interview with KTN News, Carey and her husband Albert Wanyonyi opened up about how they met, became lovers, and eventually a married couple.

The couple met in the church where Carey used to minister and became attracted to each other when the missionary gave Albert rides in her car.

“She used to give me a ride in her car almost every day and I wanted to tell her how hard I had fallen in love with her,” Albert told KTN News.

Despite the fact that the language barrier posed a great challenge, Albert says he was so determined to express his feelings and had to find a way to pass the message.

What would have been another challenge was their class difference; Albert is a boda Boda rider and a class two drop out but Carey says she overlooked this because he is such a hardworking and God-fearing man.

“He did not speak English at the time we met but God helped him learn and we were able to converse.

“I knew he did not have a lot of money but he was a hard worker. I considered his kindness, I considered his heart,” Carey stated

In regard to what their families had to say about their relationship, Carey and Albert say that there was no objection as they understood that they are in love.

“When my mum found out Albert loved me she said, ‘yes! Albert loves God,” she narrated

The couple is together raising two children and Carey says she has blended in with life in the village (Bungoma).

Just like a typical African wife, Carey does her duties like cooking and other chores as expected.

American missionary marries Bungoma bodaboda rider she met in church

Beyond being connected to Kenya through her ministry works, Carey has now found a permanent home in the country.