If current US president Daniel Trump has been waiting for an opportune time to revisit the controversy birther movement that believes former president Barack Obama was born in Kenya, he needs not wait any longer. Obama is visiting his ancestral home in Siaya in July!

While details of the visit are still scanty, it is emerging that Obama will meet President Uhuru Kenyatta in Nairobi on July 16 before travelling to Kogelo to visit with his relatives. This visit may also present a bitter-sweet reunion between Obama and his elder step-brother Malik who is a sworn Trump supporter.

This is the first time Obama will visit Kogelo since his last visit when he was serving as a junior Illinois senator. On that visit, current Machakos Governor and then government spokesman Alfred Mutua did not mince his words, calling out Obama as a “junior senator.” Obama went on to be elected America’s 44th president.

President Obama will be on his way to South Africa to deliver the annual Nelson Mandela lecture set for July 17th



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