For the love of Beth….


I know this will sound cliché- only in this case it is true. Everyone who has had a chance to know Beth has only nice things to say about her. She is not your average 22 year old. She is smart, full of spunk, very lively and very kind hearted. And she is also hilarious- I mean, have you seen her social media? It is obvious that she has a beautiful gift to share with the world. I don’t think her picking Journalism and Public Relations in the University was a mistake. There’s a naturalness to her writing that if….when nurtured can become extremely mind-blowing.

It would be very easy for her to lie down in her hospital bed and become bitter towards life in general. See, on that fateful night, she did everything right. She was hanging out with her friends, and a few minutes past midnight, she decided she needed to go home. Together with a friend, they got an Uber to take them home. But another drunk, thoughtless Uber driver made sure they never got home that night. He was speeding while intoxicated and although details remain unclear- we don’t know whether he tried to stop, or whether he only thought to save himself when he realized a crash was inevitable-what we know is Beth, Michelle and their Uber driver never made it home, safely,  that night. The irony is that the accident happened less than a kilometer from her house.

Thankfully, a nearby policeman had the presence of mind to rush them to the nearby St.Francis hospital. We will forever remain grateful. The immediate medical attention helped save her life. We could choose to dwell on the negatives and talk about the greed in hospitals or the obvious lack of compassion by doctors who demand payment even in the middle of the night before attending to a bleeding, dying patient; but we will follow Beth’s example and speak only of the positives.

It has been 11 days since that forgettable  night. Beth suffered head injuries and so far, has been through two very intensive and invasive operations.  We have prayed and fasted and spent sleepless nights in hospitals praying for the best. And in His own true way, God made this miracle possible. Beth walks out of the hospital today, on her own two feet, no wheelchairs. She is chatting and laughing and eating normal food. Her family, especially her father who went for days in the same clothes and would not leave his little girl alone even for one minute, is the real hero in this story.

I have seen a father’s total devotion in his daughter, and that is something I’m not likely to forget in a long time. He is constantly calling me with updates, and today when he called to tell me Beth is leaving the hospital, the emotion in his voice was unmistakable. Even with the piling bills, he is focusing on the positive- now I see where Beth got her attitude from.

The bill is at Ksh 3 million and counting. That is a staggering amount for anyone. I know Baba Beth is worried about it, he has been busy running up and down looking for money. We have a fundraiser on the 25th of March, and we have been talking about it on our social media platforms, but now we feel we need the rest of you to support us. Beth could be any one of us really, our dads and guardians and families could be slapped with such a hefty and prohibitive bill in exchange for your life. Would you not want others to help?

Please let us help Baba Beth in any small way we can. Beth could very well the next big journalist, let’s help her get her dream back. God bless each and everyone of you.

We remain forever indebted. Paybill number : 697651.

You can also contribute via GoFundMe account HERE




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