First 42: Breaking News To My Son That Mom Is Expectant


By Nancy Cherotich

One of the most interesting and hilarious things so far has been the reaction I have been getting from some of the people I told I am expectant.

My son has for the longest time been asking and wishing for a playmate. I thought the news that a sibling was on the way was going to excite him and make him all sorts of happy. What I did not know is that he did not want the tedious work of raising a sibling from birth. He wanted a 2 year old sibling. Someone who does not cry the whole night, can talk and someone who does not pee and poop on themselves. My dear son is not ready for such draining responsibility. Siblings should come ready to play and to hold conversations.

I honestly did not know how to break the news of my pregnancy to my son. I kept procrastinating it and just smiled every time someone commented on how excited my son must be, knowing that a little brother or sister is on the way. Little did I know that I had been under close scrutiny from Kyle. One evening as we were seated watching cartoons, Kyle looked at my stomach and said:

“Mum you should stop eating a lot your stomach is getting bigger”

After laughing my heart out, I decided to take the opportunity to break the news to him and he refused to believe me. All he kept saying was “Mum you are cheating me”. He then went absolutely quiet for five minutes before turning to me to give me ideas on how to ensure that this baby does not grow any further.

“Mum, wear something very tight around your stomach”

“Kyle why would I do that?”

(Completely ignores my question) “Mum or just stop eating.  That way, the baby won’t grow”

“Kyle, you want to kill my baby? I thought you wanted a baby sister or brother”

“I want one but I do not want a tiny baby whose work is to cry and poop on themselves. I want someone I can play with. Si you swallow Rita (the cousin), then you give birth to her she becomes ours?”

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“Rita has her own mother. The one in my stomach is ours and we have to take care of it just the way I took care of you”

“Mum just promise me that your baby will not cry the whole night. If I was you, I would stop eating.”

As much as I did not expect such a reaction from him, I was not entirely shocked. The first thing that came to my mind when I confirmed that I was expectant was the sleepless nights that come with newborns and the labor ward. Nothing can ever prepare you enough for that. Not even the thought of how amazing babies

I knew that eventually Kyle would come around and accept that a tiny baby is about to disrupt his world as he knows it. I did not have to wait for long. Two of my friends came over and one of them who had not seen me for a while was checking out my stomach to see how big I had grown.

Kyle happened to be around and I think he was so shocked that I had not followed his advice and I had allowed the stomach to keep growing. He literally dropped his jaws in shock and they stayed dropped for almost one minute to the point that I got scared that my son had suffered a heart attack. He then came to me, put his ear on my tummy and said.

“This had better be a boy.”

I knew at that moment that he had come to terms with the fact that a little one was on the way. All he does nowadays when he is seated next to me is put his ears on my tummy. He already suggested that we should name the baby Dante. I am yet to have the heart to tell him that if we indeed we get a boy, we cannot name him Dante because one of my best friends recently had a baby and named him Dante. Friends do not steal baby names from each other.

It was easy to break the news to the rest of my people and naturally, my mother is the most excited of them all. Sometimes I have a feeling that the excitement has turned into worry because of my health. I am happy that I am getting better right now and we can focus on praying for Kyle’s wish to come true.






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