Family In Kenya Seeks Help After Mysterious Death Of Their Daughter In Saudi Arabia


A family in Elburgon, Nakuru County has been in distress since the death of their daughter Alice Awour Atindo who passed away months ago in Saudi Arabia.

The 30-year-old had traveled to the Middle East country in January in search of greener pastures and had informed her family members that she had landed a job upon her arrival at the airport.

Speaking to the media, her mother Mary Wambui reveals that her daughter had left the country without disclosing her destination but assured that her agent would be in constant communication with them to give them updates on her status.

They later received news that things were not going on well with her daughter and made several attempts to reach her through her phone but she was not available. A follow-up call was later made to the family to inform them that their daughter had passed away.

Awour’s mother recalls the night when they received the disturbing news revealing that the caller told them their daughter had slept and failed to wake up the next day.

“We received a call on Monday at 8:30 PM and we were told that she slept and never woke up. We asked whether she was sick but the caller said she was not unwell” she said during a report by NTV

PHOTO/COURTESY Mary Wambui [mother to the later Alice Awour]
Far from the mysterious death that has left the family with questions, they face another nightmare as they struggle to bring their daughter’s body back into the country for a proper sendoff.

The mother lamented that it has been close to 3 months of a back and forth process with the agents who had promised that they will not take long before they transport the deceased body.

Since she signed up for the job in Saudi Arabia, her mother says they have nothing to show for her employment since they did not receive any payment.

According to her family, Awour had complained of mistreatment by her employer before she met her untimely death.

The deceased is survived by two children and her family has been receiving support from their immediate neighbors during this tough season.

In a plea to the government, the family has since requested the authorities to help them bring back Awour’s body so that they can accord her a decent burial.