Family In Kenya Decides To Bury Ashes Of Kin Who Committed Suicide in Vienna


A family in Kisumu-Kenya has decided to bury the ashes of their kin Lucy Atieno who is believed to have committed suicide on 5th July in Vienna Austria as a result of depression.

According to a report issued by police in Vienna, the 35-year-old threw herself on the railway line at the Bahnhof Atzgersdorf train station in the 12th district of Vienna where she was run over by a train.

In a statement by the family spokesperson James Auka who is the brother to the deceased, Atieno had made a call to the police in Vienna and her friend revealing that she wanted to take her life indicating that life had become difficult after her business went down.

“In her calls to the police and her friend, she said life had become difficult after her business went down and that she was no longer able to carter for her needs and those of some of those of her siblings who kept on requesting her for money back home” her brother explained

Auka further stated that the family had come to an agreement to cremate the body of their loved one in Vienna and later bury her in their hometown Seme, Reru, Kisumu.

In order to assure the family that their wish for the deceased will be executed as planned, Vienna police confirmed that Atieno’s body is at Wien Bestatting Funeral Home and Crematorium in Vienna and will be cremated on July 29th.