Facebook punishes individual who has been embarrassing and stressing KTN’s Betty Kyalo


A Fake Facebook account that has been tormenting KTN news anchor Betty Kyalo almost her whole career has finally been deactivated by Facebook.

Kyalo, whose official fan page has only 46,000 fans, for a long time has been overshadowed by the parody account which has over 300,000 fans.

Betty was recently on social media to share her joy and alert fans that she has now been verified by Facebook.

“Finally the fake Facebook account that has been impersonating me to the point it had 362,000 followers has been deactivated,” said Kyalo.

“You can now follow the legitimate fan page that is verified (Blue tick plus blue dress) for continued proper interactions on Facebook. I only have 2 pages on Facebook; Betty Mutei Kyallo and that fan page.”

The Account has been putting Betty Kyalo in difficult situations since the admin has been posting controversial updates about her forcing her to clear things up every time such a post went viral.

For instance, the account has severally linked her to Joho a thing that got many Kenyans excited and forced her to explain it was a fake.