Ethiopians Plant 350 Million Trees In One Day, Break World Record.


Ethiopians planted more than 350 million trees in just 12 hours on Monday, and the mass-tree planting not only helps the environment, it sets a world record.

The country’s goal was to plant 200 million trees in one day. But Getahun Mekuria, Ethiopia’s Minister of Innovation and Technology, later announced that 353,633,660 trees were planted.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who took part in the tree planting festivities, congratulated those involved for surpassing the initial goal. Ethiopia has a larger goal of planting 4 billion trees between May and October 2019. So far, more than 2.6 billion trees have been planted in almost all parts of the country.

India set a tree planting record in 2017, adding 66 million trees to the country. Ethiopians, with help from various international organizations and the business community are hoping to surpass that world record.