Eric Wainaina, in New York, Bashes Brand Kenya for Laziness


Renowned musician Eric Wainaina on Thursday bashed Brand Kenya for lacking zeal.

The songwriter who is in New York City with other artists took to social media to express his frustration with the state corporation.

He wrote, “It’s chilly in #NYC but that doesn’t mean we can’t serve some burn! What have you done today? #brandkenya #tingamusical2018 #TingaInNY 

Tinga Tinga Musical debuted on October 13 and will screen up to October 20 in New York.

Wainaina, who is the music director and composer, is among the cast members performing in the musical. He also plays the lead character of monkey.

The musical tells of events in a land with a rainbow, having special powers and animals that dance and sing ceaselessly.

The Kenyan production is being hosted at New Victory Theater in New York City. It has well-built features of African storytelling.

In a video on his Twitter handle, Wainaina takes issue with Brand Kenya’s non-performance.

“Our musical is showing in New York City. Brand Kenya, what have you done?” he asked. The crowd unanimously shouts, “Nothing!”

Brand Kenya was formed in March 2008. It is tasked with coordinating Kenya’s marketing efforts through distinguishing Kenya’s products, services and concepts.

On Thursday, the Cabinet approved the merging of Export Promotion Council and Brand Kenya to form Kenya Export Promotion and Branding Agency – a one-stop shop for all trade promotion and branding activities.

The two were merged to eliminate duplication and to create a uniform image for the country. The move was aimed at growing the country’s exports to 25 per cent annually.