Emotional Video Of Man Reuniting With His Mother After 13 Years Abroad


A video of a man reuniting with his mother and family after living 13 years apart has gone viral.

The Nigerian man identified as Aloy Ebuka is believed to have paid his family a visit after living in America for 13 years.

According to reports by Lindaikejiblogs Ebuka did not disclose to his family about the travel plan but decided to make a surprise visit.

The video largely captures the reaction when his mother set her eyes on him and how he was welcomed at home by the rest of the family and friends.

Upon his arrival in their home, his mother is seen walking towards him and gets overwhelmed by emotions before breaking down in tears. The two share an emotional hug and his mother remains holding onto him as she prayed and celebrated.

The video caught the attention of online users who described the moment as precious and sent warm messages to the family. Check out some of the reactions

May our mothers live to eat the fruits of their labours over us. This got me so emotional. I wish I can travel home to see my mum too, but unfortunately, she is late

Respect the journey of a man is never easy. 13 good years he must have had his rough moments the days he thinks about home the days he has to send money home even when he has not eaten. The world is always harsh towards men the pressure to make money and take care of family the peer pressure even the pressure to get married still take care of your wife family. Respect the hustle of every man

This is so beautiful 😍❤️🙏

See me crying 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️


E no easy fr street. Welcome home bro 🙏. Dis video is everything. Chai who get mama make e value her o. Helooo

Who else just cried after watching this video