Don’t go to the streets to protest – Raila Odinga


NASA leader Raila Odinga has now asked his supporters not to take to the streets on Thursday during the repeat presidential election and stay away from polling stations.

Raila made the announcement in an interview with the BBC where he urged his supporters not to engage in protests on October 26.

“We have not told people to demonstrate on the polling day. We have not said that at all,” Odinga said on Tuesday in an interview with the BBC.

“We have told people to stay away.”

On the question of potential violence due to the soaring political temperatures, Raila said his supporters were guaranteed by the constitution to conduct peaceful demonstrations.

He added that he simply wants no elections because he believes they won’t be fair.


“There are two forces here: Those who want to go on with the sham election, irrespective of the consequences, and those who say no, it is not right to do it,” said Odinga.

“Jubilee supporters are running around with military fatigue. They are trying to militarise politics in our country. You find even women politicians wearing the military jungle fatigues, basically intimidating the electorate,” he said.

Despite Raila’s firm stance, the IEBC are rushing to ensure ballot papers are in the respective counties by election day.

He insisted that he has told the supporters to hold a peaceful demonstration that will see them carry a white handkerchief later.

“What we have told our supporters is to do peaceful demonstrations, carrying a placard and which is carrying the message, and with a white handkerchief, say that: No Reforms, No Elections,” the opposition chief said.