“Don’t Ever Move To a Woman’s House.” 8 Lessons Men Should Learn From Mithika Linturi


By Silas Nyanchwani

  1. Make sure every single property you own is in your name. For next of kin, elect your parents or brother.
  2. If you buy something with a woman, say a house, and the only thing she bought is a moper, she owns the house. So, always be clear about stuff. There is a reason why people sign prenups.
  3. Don’t ever engage with a woman in a public spat. You will not win. We live in a naive society that thinks every time a relationship collapses the woman is an angel and the man is a devil.
  4. Don’t ever move to a woman’s house. Even if you are homeless. Sleep in the street. Or go to a refugee camp. There is no dignity in moving to a woman’s house.
  5.  In the event of a divorce and you never secured your property, grab what you can, but know the woman will cry and the judge will wipe her tears with your money. Get the sensible way out. Leave most of the stuff, go and start over. No need hurting because you will die and leave the property behind.
  6. Women nowadays invest secretly, with the hope should a man be a jerk or behave like he is oxygen, she has something to fall to. Men too need to start having these secret plans just in case a divorce happens and the woman demands everything including the kitchen sink.
  7. Try and do your things in strict privacy. From the word go, if you can let the woman, children and everyone know that you mean business.
  8. Take time to know a woman before you marry her. If you are marrying a divorcee, always know there was a reason why he or she is a divorcee. It is the same reason you will break up for.