DJ Silva Sly: I Want To Be The Best DJ In Kenya


When Silva Sly was in Form 3, in addition to being attentive to her school work, she started exploring the craft behind Djaying. She had fallen in love with music from childhood and there she was as a teenager keen on becoming a DJ.

After finishing her secondary school education, Silva proceeded to Nairobi Institute of Business (NIBS) for her college studies, and it wasn’t strange when she later attended Homeboyz Academy for her DJ lessons. It was at Homeboyz Academy where she first met Mister Jaypee who became her mentor, and who has provided her with the space-now popularized as the “Pink Room”- and equipment to entertain Kenyans in the now popular Diaspora DJS on the Live Mix.

African Warrior Magazine talked to DJ Silva Sly on her passion for music and what sets her apart from other DJs

Q. How are you coping with Coronavirus?

Majorly.  I am with my family most of the time, and I can truly admit we have reconnected a lot and its fun. Additionally, I do mixtapes that I use to excite my fans and also keep busy, for I am doing what I love the best.

Q. Where were you born and raised?

I was born in Ziwani Kariokor, Nairobi. Later on we moved to Huruma, Nairobi, and this is where I grew up.

Q. Where did you go to school and how was life in school?

For my high school studies, I went to JM Kairo Secondary school in Murang’a. The experience was great, for I learned a lot that made me who I am today. After high school I  proceeded to Nairobi Institute of Business (NIBS) for my college studies and then to Homeboyz Academy for my DJ lessons.

Q. What does it mean to your parents that their daughter is a DJ?

My mum is a single parent.

At first, it wasn’t easy for her seeing her daughter as a DJ, for she did not see it as a job. Along the way, after proving how great it is, she came on board and now she loves it so much, something that I feel great about. Sometimes she will ask me, “kwani leo huna gigs?” I feel awesome when I know she is concerned and she is my number one supporter.

Q. At what point did you realize you want to be a DJ

First, it is due to the love of music from childhood. It was while in high school-in Form 3, that I started paying attention to the art behind Djaying. Look, here I am now and I have come so far. I want to be the greatest of them all.

Q. What else do you do other than being a DJ?

In addition to being a DJ I also deal in fashion wear. I love doing this as it is also my second source of income.

Q. Talk about the “Pink Room.” How did you find it?

I found Pink Room through my Homeboyz teacher, DJ Mr. Jaypee who gave me a chance on the platform, where I showcased my skills to date. The platform together with the 254 Diaspora, have been of great help, and I will forever be grateful.

Q. What is the most memorable performance as a DJ?

My most memorable moment was a wedding in Kitui; out of the three DJs who were playing, guests were shouting that I be the one on the decks. I enjoyed the love I was getting.

Q. What are your future career plans as a DJ?

I want to be the top female DJ in Kenya. I also want to open a DJ academy where I will focus on helping girls especially those who do not believe in their ability to be a DJ.

Q. Who has mentored you to be the great DJ you are?

My first mentor was DJ Mr. Jaypee, who was my teacher at Homeboyz Academy. Then there is DJ Stylez who did top up by giving me my first machine to use and the studio to perfect my skills. I am forever indebted to these individuals.

Q. You are a great dancer and you let your fans see this during your set. What does it make you feel?

I love dancing so much. I really enjoy when I dance and especially when the fans love it.  I usually see it from their reactions and that love pushes me to be the best.

Q. What does music mean to you?

Music is life. Music gives me income. Music allows me to do things I never thought I could do. Music helps me connect with other people including strangers.

Q. What is your favorite song that you always have to add on your set?

I do love all songs; I give each song an equal chance. I also listen to what my fans want and that determines what I play.

Q. As female DJ, what would you like to tell other girls shy about being a DJ

Being a DJ is the best thing ever. It is a job like any other and the mentality that it is possessed by men should cease. You get to have fun and generate income.

Q. Does it pay to be a DJ?

Yes. Through the gigs at events, clubs and other entertainment scenes, you get income.

Q. Do you think there is a big support and appreciation of DJs in Kenya?

Currently, DJs have gotten a platform where they showcase their skills. They are supported, for they run the entertainment sector often. Even the pay is good and it will continue to improve with time.

Q. What does it mean to you to be on the same platform with other well-known and top DJs

It feels awesome, it makes me realize that soon I will be on the same level with them or even higher.

Q. Any special person in your life?

My mother. She has supported me from childhood. We have been through tough times, and we have always stuck together. She is my number one fan.