DJ Poizon Ivy: From Kenya To Becoming Celebrated DJ in US


When we speak of Kenyan women who have an impact in the entertainment industry, global sensation Ivy Awino famously known as Poizon Ivy with no doubt makes it on the list among the top for her outstanding role and achievements in that sector.

The celebrated Dj has not just built a career for herself but has equally managed to represent Kenya in a good light. Ivy who works as a DJ at NBA has used the platform to push Kenyan music to the world with some of the songs like Dundaing & Siskii getting to be played at the NBA games.

In an interview with Standard, Ivy opened up about her journey, some of her greatest achievements in her career, challenges as well as her motherhood journey.

The mother of one is celebrated for having been the first female DJ for the Dallas Mavericks and the first woman to DJ an NBA All-Star game. A documentary that captured her journey also won an Emmy award; an achievement she is entirely proud of.

Even with these wins, challenges are inevitable and she says that she has an equal share of this.

“Each day presents different challenges. I have had important gigs where equipment failed and other gigs where I felt I didn’t give my best shot. However, I’m learning to be more kind to myself.” She stated

Ivy who relocated to the US when she was 9 also narrated how her career life was not quite a smooth one but landing the lucrative deal to work at NBA served as a major highlight for her.

At 12, she got into a mentorship program at NBA and after she completed her college studies, decided to pursue the Deejaying career as she had learnt the skill from some of her Dj friends.

After several attempts in search of a job, Ivy got a chance to audition for a Dj gig which landed her the opportunity.

“My first gig with NBA was in 2016. After college, I auditioned to be the Milwaukee bucks DJ and it didn’t work out. I had tried applying for DJ positions, but I wasn’t successful.

During the summer of 2016, I received a call from Mavericks asking if I was still interested in auditioning for the DJ position and that’s how I got the job.” She narrated

Speaking on her experience working for NBA, DJ Poizon Ivy says that she loved her role and is very honored to be part of the team.

On the issue of racism, Ivy revealed how she would deal with such encounters saying that she views it as something that can be fought back by being proud of her skin color.

In a past event, Ivy met Kenya’s head of state and gave him a Jersey. She has also met prominent people considering the massive numbers of people who serve as an audience during the basketball matches.

Besides her career, Dj Poizon also spoke of her motherhood journey revealing that getting her daughter was one of the best things that ever happened to her.