Diaspora life is a lonely life- Radio Presenter Based In Germany Speaks After Kenyan Woman Commits Suicide In Vienna



A popular radio presenter Terry Atieno popularly known as Terry Chocolate has opened up about the challenges of life in diaspora following the news of Kenyan woman Lucy Atieno who committed suicide in Vienna Austria as a result of depression.

Lucy reportedly threw herself onto an oncoming train on 5th July and had informed a friend and the police that she was frustrated after her job went down and was not able to cater for her needs and those of siblings back home.

In regard to the incident, Terry who is the founder and CEO of Proud Chocolate Radio based in Hamburg expressed her sympathy and further raised concern over how families of Kenyans living in Diaspora are known to put pressure on their kin who are struggling to survive abroad.

As part of her moving tribute, she differed with the perception that Kenyans in the Diaspora live luxurious lives judging from the photos shared online yet the reality of the matter is totally different from what fans see on social media.

Speaking from her personal experience, the radio presenter revealed how some of her family members never reach out to find out about her well being but are mostly contact her when in need of financial help.

“Would you believe it if i told you that apart from you my friends, no one in my entire family both nuclear and extended has ever bothered to ask of my wellbeing? The Headache is that am only contacted when a solution for a problem is needed. Mostly financial.” she wrote on her post

According to her, life abroad has never been easy, and just like how their fellow citizens in Kenya have to hustle back home they too are forced to struggle so that they can earn a living.

“Money doesn’t grow on trees abroad. Money is hard to find everywhere. The world is the same and God is the almighty all over.” she stated

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In a brief description in her view towards life in the diaspora, Terry says that life there is lonely, requires a lot of sacrifice.

“Diaspora life is a lonely life. Diaspora is sacrifice. Diaspora is survival for the fittest. Those you see sending moneys at every call to contribute online are not rich but seed planters in search for Gods favours.

“Some are kind souls addicted to sharing but have given up on their blood sucking families and are out to help the genuine needy and thankful hearts.” she added

As part of her statement, she pleaded with those who have family or friends abroad to stop oppressing their loved ones but instead prioritize on checking on their well being once in a while.

“…i beg you to put a stop on emotionally abusing your children, your siblings, your relatives and friends who are away in search for greener pastures abroad. No one can leave behind the comfort and freedom that comes with home sweet home voluntarily to come endure this cold and racism abroad.” she wrote

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