Diamond’s ‘I’ve never been dumped’ remarks rubbished as childish 


Diamond Platnumz has yet again opened up about his controversial union with Zari Hassan saying he had to walk away after realizing the relationship was pretty much one way.

Diamond started a war of word with Zari last week after claiming she was cheating on him with half of P square, Peter Okoye, and a gym trainer.

He has now followed up those accusations by saying that she also didn’t love him as much as he loved her.

“Maybe I was the reason [For her cheating on me because of my infidelity] but I loved her more [and differently] that she did me.” he said.

Diamond added that upon noticing this, he embarked on frustrating the Ugandan socialite to make her dump him. According to Diamond, he never dumps his lovers but rather drive them to a point where they can’t stand him anymore.

“I have never been left by any woman I have dated. If she ever gives me a hard time, I cause scenarios that will make her get so heartbroken she leaves on her violation,” he shared. 

The comments weren’t taken so well by his fans as most streamed social media to oust him for being childish.