Diamond’s dad says he’s ready to die as health deteriorates, Diamond flashes money on social media but not ready to help 


Diamond Platnumz father, Mzee Abdhul Jumaa has revealed that he has already lost hope having diagnosed with skin cancer.

Speaking in an interview with Tanzanian newspaper Ijumaa Wikienda, Mzeee Jumaa said he wishes he was dead because his condition has been worsening by the day.

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His son Diamond Platnumz, on the other hand, continues to show no remorse despite his father’s plea for help.

“It gets to a point when I wish I was just dead. This is because my ailment gets worse by the day. My legs are in pain, and I am suffering,” he said.

”I am very sick, I thank God am breathing but it has not been easy. I thank my London-based daughter Zubeda, she helped me a lot before she flew back. My condition is getting worse with every dawn,” he added. 

Her London-based daughter, last week, promised to fly the ailing to London for treatment. She had visited him to see his condition and urged family and friends to help in funding his bill.

“Several people promised to help me, including my daughter Zubeda. I also expect my son to hear my plea and help me,” said Mzee Abdhul. 

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“I will call the media in seven days if nothing would have happened so that I can show the world how I am suffering, I will also give out my numbers during the press conference so that well-wishers can also help.”

Diamond however, seems like isn’t too concerned about his dad’s health. The singer has been ignoring him for a long time and even recently took to social media to flaunt a ward of cash after a show in Paris.