Diamond Platnumz reunite with dad after 17 years, share awkward hug before dancing together


Tanzanian Diamond Platnumz, after almost two decades, has finally met face-to-face with his biological father, Abdul Juma.

In an camera-filled, controversial reunion, the singer met with his ailing dad who he’s been dodging for the better part of his career since he abandoned them at a young age.

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The meet up, which took place at WCB studios, showed Diamond and his father embrace for a short while with the singer looking away and the Wasafi team cheering them on. It’s not a lie the hug was awkward and tensed. Diamond looked forced and uninterested.

Perhaps he was. Or he was just doing it for the attention.

The singer was launching several items including a new song dubbed “The One” and his new Wasafi FM radio station. Aside from confessing how media made him look like a villain in his father-son feud, Diamond also had a lot of other controversial statement aimed at landing him on headlines and trending lists.

He confessed how his ex-wife Zari Hassan cheated on him with several musicians, a thing that he kept to himself all along. A couple of other eyebrow-raising confessions from the singer also followed, stirring the online space and making him the talk of town.

But the meeting with his dad capped it all.

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Diamonds father was diagnosed with skin cancer and needed urgent medical attention. Due to lack of funds, he reached out to his son Diamond for help but he has always dodged him.

Fans and the industry in general now hopes that they two meet, they will patch things up and move forward as a family.

Watch the video below: