Diamond Platnumz’ English Shocks The Whole Of Africa But Maina Kageni Has An Explanation


Popular and flamboyant Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz, while promoting his new cologne online, made a typo that ended up overshadowing his new product.

The singer was trolled by his fans for his poor English after using Incompleted’ instead of ‘incomplete’. Classic FM morning show host Maina Kageni, wants fans – and Diamond – to understand English is just for communication.

“Ebu we get one thing clear…. English is a language, not a measure of intelligence,” Said Maina on social media. “Congratulations, Diamond Platnumz on your cologne line.”

I was about to correct his English then I remembered he is successful in life and I am not. I just had to shut my big fat mouth,” added Carol Kennice, a fan.

Diamond launched his cologne, Chibu perfume, on Tuesday on social media.

The bongo star is set to announce the launch date as well as retail price for the perfume whose tag line is “The scent you deserve.”




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