Despite Backlash For Using A Stock Photo Of A Kenyan Woman And Child, Pete Buttigieg Jumps Into A Commanding Lead in New CNN Poll


Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg’s policy plan dubbed “Douglass Plan,” aimed at addressing America’s longstanding history of racism against Black Americans continues to be mired in controversy after it emerged the campaign used a stock photo featuring a Kenyan woman and her child.

Ryan Grim, bureau chief for The Intercept tweeted that the public relations firm tasked with creating Buttigieg’s campaign material had simply taken a stock photo without checking the origin of the subject.

“On top of everything else, the Buttigieg campaign used a stock photo from Kenya to promote its Frederick Douglass Plan for Black America,” Grim wrote on Twitter, adding, “The woman in the photo reached out to me very confused.”


The reactions were swift:


Ilhan Omar, the first time congresswoman whose inspirational story began in a refugee camp in Kenya tweeted:

Other reactions on twitter:

Meanwhile,  Mr. Buttigieg, the 37-year-old mayor of South Bend, Indiana has jumped into a commanding lead in a CNN/Des Moines Register poll of would-be Democratic caucusgoers in Iowa. Mayor Pete received 25% of the vote. The other top three candidates are all virtually tied for second place, with Sen. Elizabeth Warren at 16 percent, and former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders each at 15 percent.