The Death Of James Mwaura Mwamba Is A Big Loss For The Kenyan Community in California


On July 26th 2019, James Mwaura Mwamba is believed to have called 911 emergency services after experiencing chest pain and shortness of breath symptoms. He was rushed to Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena. Sadly, James did not make. The death of James is a great loss to the Kenyan Community in California.

James, who lived in Pomona, California, was known to his friends as Mwaura-Jaro or Mwaura-Matha. He worked hard to get ahead and always wore a happy and an unassuming face. He was always there for other members of the Kenyan community, not only in California, but in America.

A burial committee has been set up in order to prepare sending the body to Kenya, his final resting place.  The committee is appealing for donations which can be sent via the following options:

  1.  Gofundme Account
  2. Deposit, Wire or Transfer to Chase Bank. Account # 520261907: Routing # 322271627      Account Name: Edward M. Karori

There will be a fundraising meeting at  Brookhurst Community Park ( Nduati Park ) located at 2271 W Crescent Ave, Anaheim, California 92801 on the 10th of August 2019 at 3pm to help raise the funds that will facilitate giving James a befitting send off.

Questions can be directed to the burial committee’s chairperson Sammy Kairu at 951-522-1626 Secretary James Ngechu at 909-964-1714.