Daughter To Kenya’s Controversial Lawyer Accepted To Prestigious European University



Lawyer Cliff Ombeta’s daughter; Nikita Ombeta, has been admitted to European Union University after she graduated from Nairobi International School. The news was confirmed by her father through his official Twitter account expressing how this achievement makes him proud.

“Today, my daughter graduated from high school and was admitted to European Union University. Makes me proud as a father.” he wrote in his post

According to the information provided by her school, Nikita received an acceptance to pursue psychology and international relations although her teachers expected her to pursue culinary art which was one of the areas she recorded an outstanding performance.

Speaking during the graduation Nikita reflected on the growth she experienced in the school and touched on her expectations as she looks forward to joining campus.

“As I look back at my journey in NIS I realize that I have grown as an individual I am more confident than I was when I first came here. I don’t think if I went anywhere else, I would have grown into the person that I am.

“Now that I know that I have been instilled in values that are so strong I can go into university with so much more confidence. And I know I will survive and blossom into a better person than I am now” she said

Nikita also attributed her achievement to her parents and teachers who have been supportive throughout her academic life.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has interfered with the school calendar in many countries, teachers and students have had to embrace the new reality and resort to virtual learning as they wait for the official resumption of studies after reopening of learning institutions.

Learning institutions have also been forced to come up with ways to conduct their exams online to ensure that students do not lag behind. To avoid the spread of the virus, graduation ceremonies have also been covered online with only a few people allowed to be physically present during the event.

In Kenya, some of the institutions that have recently carried out their graduation are Brookhouse international school and Nairobi International school.