Crazy “Orphanage philanthropist” nabbed in serial pedophilia case.

Hans Egon Dieter Vriens, sits at the docks in Milimani Law Courts, November 2, 2018. Photo: NMG


A Dutch national is facing defilement and indecent act with minors charges in Nairobi. Investigations have revealed that he had been jailed in his home country for similar offences after being accused by a whopping 182 victims.

Hans Egon Dieter Vriens, sits at the docks in Milimani Law Courts, November 2, 2018.
Photo: NMG

Hans Egon Dieter Vriens was accused of defiling three minors in November 2018, with trial scheduled for April 2019. At that trial, two persons of interest are expected to fly in from the Netherlands.

Dutch national and cousins, Suzana and Eustacia (surnames withheld), 35, have special interest in this case, being victims of Hans during their childhood in the early 90’s.

Eustacia’s tale begins in 1990 when Hans and her mother were courting. She says that Hans defiled her in their home in 1991 when she was only seven years old. He then did the same to her cousin Suzana, also seven at the time.


The women have said that Hans, who is currently released on bond in Kenya, would force himself on them, inserting objects like toothbrushes in their private parts.

“He started by peeping at us as we showered, and soon spiraled into terribly abusive acts. One day I woke up finding him doing these things to me. I didn’t raise an alarm because I thought these acts had no importance,” Eustacia says.

She adds that during the abuse, she would lie completely still, wondering what was happening, and at times fall into unconsciousness. She says Hans drugged them to make them weak and even unconscious before molesting them.

“Many times I could see and hear everything, but was unable to move. He would then rape me and even insert plastic bananas and toothbrushes into me.” Eustacia alleges that the abuse went on for three years, from 1991 to 1994, whenever her mother was away.

Whenever her mother was at home, she says, he acted normally, raising no suspicions about what he was doing when alone with them. He took them out and bought them gifts frequently. Eustacia also says that he had threatened them, saying he would kill their mother if they ever told anyone what happened.

Three years imprisonment

In 1995, 180 other victims came out accusing Hans, and he was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment, out of which he served only two and a half years.

He left the Netherlands, and the victims heard no more of him until the accusations that were levelled against him in Nairobi for defiling three children, 8, 9 and 10 years old, in 2016. He was on the run from 2016 until the police caught up with him in November 2018. He was arraigned at the Milimani Law Courts.


According to the prosecution, Hans duped unsuspecting parents by promising to sponsor their children’s education in his “school”. There are also records showing that he was charged with defiling three minors, 12, 13 and 15, in Nairobi’s Donholm Estate.

Enquiries with the Dutch Embassy regarding whether they had revealed his criminal record to the authorities in Kenya did not receive a response.

YouTube channel

Evidence against the suspect in the Netherlands trial in 1995 included amateur videos and photographs he took while sexually abusing the minors. Others include a diary, five planners, a toy banana, a carrot, a hairbrush and toothbrushes which police believed were used to abuse the minors.

Kenyan media was directed to a YouTube channel belonging to the accused, which showed amateur videos of minors posing suggestively or dancing. The backgrounds of the images appear to have been taken in his “orphanage” in Kitui County of Kenya. Some videos of children dancing provocatively have been captioned “orphan’s party”, with one of the 12 videos being uploaded within the last week.

The account has since been reported and taken down for showing inappropriate content.

House helps

While it remains unclear when Hans relocated to the country after serving his prison sentence, he bought land and settled in Kitui County in 2014 and married a local woman.

According to neighbors, the couple housed over ten girls in their house, some claiming to be house helps while others saying they were orphaned.

He moved to his house in Roysambu Estate in August 2018, and people familiar with the couple say that he has another wife that lives in Nairobi. He moved houses within the same estate following rumors that he was molesting minors.

He used both homes to receive eager mothers that wanted the Dutchman to take their children to his orphanage and sponsor their education.

When reached for comment, Hans claimed that he was innocent, and directed that any other questions be directed to his Kitui wife. Efforts to reach her were unsuccessful, however.