COVID-19: Kenyans In Italy, France Narrate How They Have Been Surviving Under Lockdown


A section of Kenyans has been calling upon the government to announce a complete lockdown of the country as a way to combat the spread of coronavirus.

This plea was prompted by the increased number of coronavirus cases in the country adding up to 25 as announced by health CS Mutahi Kagwe.

Some Kenyans have however opposed the suggestion of the lockdown arguing that Kenya’s economy cannot sustain a lockdown and many Kenyans will end up dying of hunger if the government takes this direction.

Amid this ongoing debate, Kenyans living abroad especially in cities that have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic have shared their stories on how they have been surviving under lockdown.

Speaking to NTV, Frank Nyakairu a global communication officer in Italy says that it has been so hard and they have been struggling to come to terms with the situation.

“2 weeks have been particularly very hard. I am only able to move out to go to purchase food items. The stories coming out of so many affected areas are very awful. “ he stated

PHOTO/COURTESY Frank Nyakairu a global communication officer in Italy

Another Kenyan Enock Maiyo; an entrepreneur in France also shared his experience saying that it has not been easy

“We cannot exercise our normal freedom but all this is done for our health and to save the lives of others.” He stated

He also mentioned that once the pandemic became serious in France and the statistics showed lots of death and infection, people were more alert on the impact of the outbreak.

Both Nyakairu and Maiyo emphasized that there is a need for Kenyans to take the report seriously, take precautions and act in advance.

Speaking in response to concerns by Kenyans, government spokesperson Cyrus Oguna stated that it is possible for the country to go on lockdown. He, however. added that this can be avoided if Kenyans comply with the guidelines issued by the Ministry of health.

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PHOTO/COURTESY Government spokesperson Cyrus Oguna

“A lockdown is something that is always on the table but we don’t want to get there and we will not get there if our people are able to obey the advisory and measures that have put in place by the government,” said Oguna on Citizen TV’s Monday Report show.

He, however, warned that a lockdown can never be something that the society will be comfortable with.