Church disowns Kisii pastor who appeared on Dr Phil after allegedly falling in love with Mzungu 


Association of Charitable Children Institutions in Kenya (ACCIK) has distanced itself from Kevin Ondieki who was recently featured in Dr Phil, an American talk show over his relationship with a married white woman.

Kevin Ondieki, 26, swept Sarah, 44, off her feet with love and affection when they met online a thing that caused an uproar with many claiming he’s a con man.

Officials from ACCIK Kisii branch say they don’t know Kevin and are not aware of any orphanage that he runs.

“There are only 12 registered children’s homes in Kisii and we are urging the government to deal with any ongoing con games,” said Pastor Robert Nyamwange, the association’s secretary.

The vice chairman, Pastor Abel Onchari of Keumbu Holiness Home, wants Kevin to “show us the certificate of registration.”

Onchari cautioned youths who spend most of their time in the internet searching for well-wishers for trying to taint a good image of churches for practicing ungodly stuffs in order to enrich themselves in expense of the vulnerable children.

“It really hurts us as well wishers when fake pastors hide behind children’s home to get support from charitable organizations in order to enrich themselves”.

He said they are investigating a number of cases where churches have been photographed as orphanages.

“They take pictures of the children and do stories in international magazines calling for support to attract financial donations but we must get rid of them so that rightful and needy children can be supported,” he said.