Chris Kirubi To Buy 22 Million Dollar Jet?


Chris Kirubi has hinted that he might be buying a private jet, which would see him join a small circle of Kenyan billionaires who own planes or helicopters.

Kirubi recently took to social media to post a clip testing a Dassault Falcon 2000 LXS and left Kenyans stunned by the it’s exquisite features.

The company, which manufacturers is currently in Kenya on a promotional tour where it hopes to make a sale to Kenya’s growing elite class.

“If there is anything I will live to remember from my experience on board the Dassault Falcon 2000 LXS private business jet, it will probably be its excellent climb performance,” posted Kirubi.

“I will also recall the comfort it offers, and the overall luxurious feeling one gets once they get on board. From the moment you get inside the cabin, there are plenty of features that you are bound to love. For instance, the cabin is very well lit. It is also very spacious and offers a lot of leg room; one can almost feel like they are seated in the lobby of a high-end hotel waiting to be served.”

The French aircraft is 66.33 ft long and measures 23.17 ft in height externally. Internally, the aircraft allows maximum headroom of 74 inches and a maximum width of 92 inches. As far as weight is concerned, its maximum takeoff is 19,413kgs while its maximum landing weight is 17,826kgs.

Dassault Aviation has sold over 550 Falcon LX worldwide, with 70 being sold in Africa. However, none are owned by a Kenyan.

The current average price for Falcon LX on the market is $22,950,000 (estimated Ksh2.3 billion).