Chipukeezy’s rugged jeans and earphones on official trip pisses off Kenyans


Comedian Chipukeezy, who also doubles up as the director at the National Authority for the Campaign Against Drug Abuse (Nacada), was yesterday attacked by Kenyans online following his dresscode during an official trip to Lamu County.

Chipukeezy accompanied Chief Justice David Maranga, Head of Red Cross Kenya Abbas Gullet and Director of public prosecutions Noordin haji to Lamu to launch the new Rehabilitation Centre. Kenyans however, didn’t like how the comedian was dressed during the visit.

Dressed in a rugged jeans, a colorful short sleeved shirt, black sports shoes and donning some earphones, Kenyans believe Chipukeezy was too casual on the trip and should learn how to differentiate his director’s look from a comedian’s.

“Are you the person who is undergoing rehabilitation. …i guess u realise how rare the guys will engage you in a conversation. .they will always seem to be busy sidelining you in their conversation. Its a sign of immaturity hanging earphones on an official duty especially when you are around topmost office bearers like pres.or CJ with uncombed hair n rugged clothes in the name of swag where swag isnt needed…keep them for your gigs…follow @SteveMbogo @Jaguar @WillyPaul drescode..they realy hav everything for every ocassion.” said a follower on the comment section.

“Looks to me like they were walking you to a rehab,” said another.

You look like a toddler hanging around grown people. Totally unofficial and out of place. Definitely not fit for the job. Very embarrassing,” added another. 

“Why cant you dress well atleast this is an official function,and earphones 😕 how do you expect to converse with other people?,”

Fellow comedian and friend Eric Omondi tried defending him but Kenyans, it seems, are just as tired of his dress code too as much as they were with Chipukeezy’s. Many blasted him reminding him of the several occasions he has also been in the wrong clothes.


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PRESIDENTIAL STATEMENT: Vincent Muasya Mutua Aka @chipukeezy was appointed by President Uhuru Kenyatta to the board of NACADA not only to represent the young people but also to reach out to them, not only to speak to young people but to literally touch base with them. The most affected are YOUTHS. Chipukeezy travels across the country meeting and interacting with real people with real addictions. Most of these people are young people… The main reason for this post is I AM TAYAAD😠😠 of people attacking @chipukeezy ati ooooh his dressing is wanting, oooooh anyoe nywele, ooooh he needs to look more cooperate, COOPERATE FOR WHO?????? I lost my blood brother last year because of THIS NONSENSE!!! Young people need people they can relate to… Someone they see themselves in…One of them… Someone who dresses like them, speaks like them but is CLEAN and SOBER so they can EMULATE, DESIRE and HOPE. As young people we must know what we want. Mara ooooooh the government wametusahau alafu moja wetu akipewa job mnataka avae Kama Uncle Moody Awori…Shuruuuuuup!!!!!

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Chipukeezy, and Omondi, become the latest public figures to be shunned by Kenyans for wearing wrong attires. KICC CEO Nana Gecaga and Foreign Affairs Chief Administrative Secretary Ababu Namwamba were roasted last week by Kenyans after attending official meetings wearing Tshirts and jeans.