Chinese government protests crackdown on illegal immigrants in Kenya


The crackdown on illegal immigrants in the country has rubbed the Chinese government the wrong way condemning the manner in which its nationals working in the country are being treated.

This follows the arrest of 13 Chinese citizens working at the China Global Television Network (CGTN) were arrested on suspicion that some staff at the media outlet were working without the required documentation.

Police armed with rifles stormed the station on Wednesday September 5 and those arrested were taken to Kilmani Police station with reports doing rounds on social media that Saddique Shaban was among those arrested for confronting the officers, claims which the business anchor refuted.

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Addressing the issue, Chinese embassy in Kenya disputed reports by Kenyan authorities saying its nationals hold all the required paperwork to be in the country legally.

“This noon, the Chinese Embassy received help call from 13 Chinese nationals. They stated that they were detained by Kenya Police even though they held legal documents. The consular officers of the Chinese Embassy then went to the police station to know about the situation,” read part of the statement from the Chinese Embassy.

Those arrested were released upon verification of their documentation with the Embassy noting increased harassment of Chinese nationals in the country.
“The 13 Chinese nationals, after being verified the documents, were proven to be legal residents and were released immediately. Several such events happened recently. The Chinese Embassy are expressing its concern to Kenyan side through diplomatic channels,” said the statement. 

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Chinese people working in the country have on several occasion been accused of mistreating Kenyans especially those working at the Standard Gauge Railway. On Thursday, one Chinese man was deported to his country after insulting President Kenyatta and Kenyans for being black, foolish and poor and likened them to monkeys. The incident attracted a lot of back lash from Kenyans calling for action against the man.