China punishes official for misleading Andrew Kiplangat to wrong route during marathon


The Chinese Athletics Association (CAA) has banned one of it’s officials for one year for leading a Kenyan athlete down the wrong route during the Qingdao Marathon in Eastern China on May 4, 2019.

Huang Jianyi was banned on Monday after Biegon Andrew Kiplangat followed a guiding car down the wrong route with just 300 meters left in the race. Kiplangat was then helped by security once he noticed he was heading the wrong way.

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The CAA said the banned official will not be allowed to oversee any marathons during that period.

“He didn’t take the guide car to direct runners as required and didn’t correctly guide the runner, resulting in the incident that the leading athlete ran the wrong way when he was about to sprint,” said the Chinese body. 

Despite the mishap, Kiplangat went on to win the race in two hours, 22 minutes and 17 seconds. The second place holder — who was also from Kenya — was less than 4 seconds behind, according to the Tencent Sports report.

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China’s marathons have been marred by cheating in the past and this wasn’t the first mishap.

In November, more than 200 runners were disqualified from the half marathon in Shenzhen after the race, organizers found that 258 runners had cheated, with some taking shortcuts while other hired people to run for them.