Chaos outside Supreme Court as bees send protesters and police running for dear life 


There was drama and chaos outside the Supreme Court after bees attacked protesters, journalists and the police.

A disabled boy and a man were stung as police and protestors fled for safety during the attack.

But journalists and a civil officer intervened to assist the boy before an ambulance arrived to take him to hospital.

The insects became more disturbed after police lobbed teargas canister on protesters near the Supreme Court.

Eyewitnesses said that the swarm of bees were as a result of an unidentified enthusiastic man who vigorously shook a lamp post disturbing the hive.

Police, members of the press and the public bravely rushed to the disabled man’s aid.

“We had to help him. We didn’t care if he was a NASA or Jubilee supporter. He is a Kenyan,” said Kevin Ochieng, an eyewitness.

The incident occurred outside the Supreme Court  where five judges are reading out the detailed Supreme Court ruling nullifying the presidential poll.