Canadians Fire Back At Trump, Call Off U.S. Trips


No more trips to the US, Canada’s largest school system has announced blaming it all on President Donald Trump’s travel ban.

The Toronto District School Board announced Thursday that all trips to the US have been suspended till further notice with the board expressing deep concerns that some of its students would face trouble on U.S.-bound trips despite Canada being not being named in Canada’s travel ban.

The board felt that although all the students have proper paperwork, Trump’s administration might frustrate them before letting them in.

“We strongly believe that our students should not be placed into these situations of potentially being turned away at the border,” Director of Education John Malloy said in a statement.”

“We will continue to monitor this situation very closely and should we receive additional information or clarification with regards to what students could expect at the U.S. border, we may revisit these decisions. However, based on all the information we currently have available to us, we feel this is the right action to take at this time.”

The district serves about 246,000 students and includes nearly 600 schools throughout Toronto, home to one of Canada’s largest immigrant communities.

Lately, it seems Trump has been on a banning spree.

Trump restricting travelling from seven Muslim-majority countries in January. Again his administration banned nine Muslim-majority countries from bringing laptops and other electronics onboard direct flights to the United States.

The board said that US has already approved 24 trips which will see about 800 students visit the country. The board, however, warned that if any of the students is denied entry, the whole lot will return home.

“We just can’t have trips going across the border and a student for no legitimate reason being denied entry to the U.S.,” Ryan Bird, a spokesman for the board, told the Associated Press. “We’re obviously not going to leave that student and continue on.”




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