Which inspiring and hardworking Kenyan women in America Diaspora have come to your attention in the past year or have you known about and admired for a long time?

African Warrior Magazine is looking for leads on this as part of the Magazine’s Top 53 Kenyan Women in America Diaspora Project.

We are looking for leads on this – Women in whatever sector (Entrepreneurship, education/academia, civil society, the environment, philanthropy, banking, medicine, science, IT, art and culture, the civil service, media, politics, religious sector, youth movement, agriculture, finance, diplomacy, women’s movement-anything!), of whatever age. Women that have pioneered, broken barriers, set aflame, nurtured, added value in their varied career sectors or passions, in a way that left your jaw gaping. Passionate women, revolutionary women, women with strong backbones, women that are changing the world and inspiring the community of Kenyans living in Diaspora.

Send an email with their names to info@awmagazine.org; include a brief description of their endeavors. Also, if you are a woman that fits the description, feel free to send an email nominating yourself and describing what you do.

You can also make your nomination by filling out this form.

Top 53

Deadline for this nomination is May 30th. The nominated top 53 women will be featured in the July 2018 edition of African Warrior Magazine. You can pre-order your copy NOW!!!!




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