Call to Nominate: 40 Most Inspiring Kenyan Men in America Diaspora.


In our current edition of African Warrior Magazine, we have compiled a list of 40 most inspiring Kenyan women in America Diaspora. We received hundreds of nominations in a process that began in April and ended in early June, and admittedly, it was a tough job narrowing down to the final 40. Such a process obviously leaves some disappointed, and for others this elucidates joy and excitement.

In our upcoming edition of African Warrior Magazine (December-February), Kenyan men in Diaspora America will take the center stage. What a way to end the year!!! We want to honor 40 Kenyan men in America Diaspora who are inspiring, men of remarkable character, and who have left an indelible imprint in the mental sheets of others. We want your help in compiling this list. Please note we are not looking for a popularity contest. We want to honor those truly deserving.

Which Kenyan man in America Diaspora has come to your attention in the past year because of his good deeds, or have you known about and admired for a long time?

We are looking for leads on this: Kenyan in whatever sector (Entrepreneurship, education/academia, civil society, the environment, philanthropy, banking, medicine, science, IT, art and culture, the civil service, media, politics, religious sector, youth movement, agriculture, finance, diplomacy, women’s movement-anything!).

And we do not discriminate on age!

Think of the men you know that have pioneered, broken barriers, set aflame, nurtured, added value in their varied career sectors or passions, in a way that left your jaw gaping.  Revolutionary men, men who are changing the world, and inspiring the community of Kenyans living in America Diaspora.

If you are a man that fits the description, feel free to send an email nominating yourself and describing what you do and what makes you feel you deserve to be to be in the final 40.

You can also make your nomination by filling out this form. DEADLINE FOR NOMINATIONS IS OCTOBER 31ST

Send an email with their names to; include a brief description of their endeavors. Also,

If you have an article on the theme of men that you would like featured in the magazine, feel free to send it to us. It should be 600-700 words.

If you want to advertise in the upcoming edition, see our rate sheet below.

If you are celebrating a graduation, an engagement, a wedding or any other momentous commemoration and you have photos you would love to share with other readers, send us an email as well!