Brighton Elliot Moyo, the man resurrected by Pastor Alph Lukau has died again 


Barely a month after becoming a trending topic following his resurrection by Pastor Lukau, Brighton ‘Elliot’ Moyo from Zimbabwe, is dead.

According to South Africa media, Moyo died last week in a village called St Luke’s in South Africa and was buried on Saturday. He is survived by his wife only as they had no children.

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A close family member who spoke to a local paper said that his stomach started to swell before passing on three days later.

Moyo and Lukau made it to the news and trending topic a month ago following their resurrection stunt.

In an interview with with Power FM’s Drive host, Thabiso Tema, the Alleluia Ministry owner confessed it was all a stunt that he deeply regrets.

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“Before entering the premises of the church, the coffin began to shake, meaning the person was alive. I am really sorry for the misrepresentation of facts, the man was not dead and has never been in the mortuary as we earlier said,” Lukau explained.