Betty Kyalo and Jimmy Gait Online Experience Shows Cyber Bullying Is a Menace In Kenya


It was just after the nominations of the highly acclaimed SOMA awards were released, when cyber bullying reared it’s ugly head again, and this time the target happened to be no other than the self made beauty queen Betty Kyalo.

Betty’s status from being a Tv darling sourly dropped, when she had a wedding that wowed every Kenyan only to have the queen walk away from her marital home, no less than six months into the marriage.

No one really knew how angry Kenyans were about the incident, after all one would think what goes on behind closed doors is really no one’s concern, save for the two love birds behind the closed door, right? Wrong?

It turns out that when Betty was named as one of the nominees for the “Media Personality Award Nominee” in the 5th SOMA annual awards together with the likes of Jeff Koinange, and Carol Radull, did the world find an avenue to express their pent up feelings.

“David Honda Soo – she cannot take care of a husband how can she take care of our votes, beautiful of a woman is for a season”

“Muthuka Munyoki – Only Joho can vote “

“Omari Hivi Hivi – what’s the meaning of personality media? Are you amending english words? Betty has no personality hapo 2/20 nampatia for appearance.”

However, not one to cower  away from a fight, Betty took the fight to the streets of her twitter handle and responded to the world at large with the following words “ Anyone who thinks their words can tear me apart, so sorry but you got the wrong girl. So just hate silently don’t waste your bundles 🙂 Peace”

While Betty may have seemingly escaped this unscathed, others in the industry have not been too successful, last week we witnessed one of the highly acclaimed gospel singers “Jimmy Gait” cry on national TV, claiming that his feelings were badly bruised, as he watched Kenyans mock him on social media.

Jimmy had just released his latest hit “I have nothing for love” a song that basically told Kenyans, that no matter how much they seemed to mock him on all social media platforms, he has nothing but love for them, only to appear on national Tv, and for a man who we thought was seemingly fine, unexpectedly broke down in one of the most watched Tv shows in kenya.

While some of these incidents prove as a source of entertainment for some, the consequences can be dire. In one of the popular facebook groups that has over 50k members recently had a case of one of the members committing suicide as a result of cyber bullying.

A clear indication that if not handled soon, in the midst of soaring unga, milk and sugar prices, cyber bullying will become one of them many problems Kenya seems to be facing at the moment.