Betty Kyalo gets new multi-million car and dares Kenyans to say it’s from a sponsor(photos)


If KTN news anchor Betty Kyalo touches it, it instantly becomes controversial.

The news anchor is once again on the spotlight after she shared a photo of “her new car”, a brand new Renault Megane sedan 2017.

Kyalo, who was in the headlines after getting a car from Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho — a Porsche Cayenne — wanted Kenyans to know that this one was hers and not from a “sponsor.”

A fan commented on the viral photo saying that even after Kyalo bought the car, Kenyans will still claim it’s from a man and not her hardwork.

“Haters will say ni ya sponsor….juu ile news ye huwasomea analipwa mawe!go girl!” posted the lady.

“I Know,” Kyalo replied.

But did she really buy the Ksh 4 million car? Probably not.

Auto dealer Simba has introduced the Renault Megane in Kenya and hopes it will be a big hit.

The car will compete with the likes of Peugeot 308 and Volkswagen Golf and Passat.

The model, priced at Sh4.4 million inclusive of Value Added Tax, has a 1.6-litre engine and an automatic transmission system.

Kyalo might have been given the car for advertisement purposes and also because she reviews vehicles.

Joho allegedly took the Cayenne back for his 2017 campaign forcing Kyalo to allegedly buy another car– a BMW X6.