Being Black Was My Sin! Doctor Who Ended Up As A Cleaner In Finland Narrates Experience


Vocal Nigerian Doctor Adeola (Addy) Olubamiji has narrated her experience in Finland where she traveled in search of greener pastures only to end up working as a cleaner for years.

Taking to her Twitter account, the doctor opened up about the frustrations while in Finland as she advised others not to visit the country especially if nothing has changed for the better.

In her post, Adeola explained how she had hoped to land better opportunities and build her career but was forced to work as a cleaner for over 5 years and was not able to secure a better job.

She gave a hint that racial discrimination also contributed greatly to her missing out on some opportunities as she described being black as her ‘only sin’.

Dr. Adeola (Addy) Olubamiji (@adexmee) | Twitter

In her thread of tweets, the doctor went further to caution people not to be convinced that they would bloom in Finland and not fall for the trap when they are sweet-talked into giving it a try.

“If anyone spill any jargons to cajole you to go to Finland, show them my tweet. Let them tell us it is not true.” she stated

After the many years of hustling, Adeola says she left the country and she does not regret making that move. Her post sparked mixed reactions as some also shared similar experiences.

Regina Phalange@walvia99 Some friends moved to Finland immediately after undergrad in Naija. Two (free) degrees and 11 years later, and they are still cleaning/washing plates.
The experiences I’ve heard from people are not very different from these.
Just thread with care & manage your own expectations.

Another user however claimed that the information is misleading considering that they have heard success stories of Africans in Finland.

This is misleading. I have two pharmacist friends doing well in Finland, one came back last month.

Although experiences can be different, Dr. Adeola says that what is misleading is that many people who go abroad shy off from telling their reality but instead chose to fake that they are doing okay.

“What is misleading is people not telling the truth about the situation and telling us it’s all okay. That is misleading” she stated

Her remarks come months after a Ghanaian woman based in Dubai warned Africans over falling victims to nonexistent jobs abroad.