Australian-Born Kenyan Singer Narrates How She Sacrificed Her Job To Pursue Her Dream


Australian born Kenyan Singer Wanja Wahoro has narrated the struggles she went through in pursuit of her music career.

In a thread of tweets, Wanja reveals how she had to quit her part-time job to fully focus on her talent and passion in music and this was not an easy path to take.

“In Australia, it’s commonplace to crowdfund in the arts. I had the music but no way to get it recorded, pay for my band, studio time etc.

I had quit my part-time job and chosen to focus on music full time, so it was the logical next step to me and I had seen it done by friends.” she stated

With no source of income to fund her music projects, Wanja says that the only option she had was to consider crowdfunding which turned out to be a good but also hectic experience.

Although crowdfunding was a thing some of her friends back in Australia did, the major challenge was to convince people that you are worth their investment, and the burnout and emotional draining from it was quite difficult to manage.

“You need to continually convince ur community (in diverse, creative ways) to believe in ur vision, even when you struggle to believe in it yourself. It’s hard to even feel worthy of the help ur asking for.” she added

To be specific, Wanja went further to tell of her crowding experience for her album in Kenya and also shared some tips that can enlighten others who would wish to take that path.

She released her debut album ‘Matriach’ in 2018 and two years later, she still sounds elated by the overwhelming support she received from her fans.

“Firstly I have to thank everyone who supported me then. It was just amazing and overwhelming the love & encouragement I received. It changed my life, and I’m still so grateful to all of you for making Matriarch possible.” she wrote in her post

In a previous interview, she expressed her dedication to her music career and revealed the things that keep her going despite having no source of income.

“I don’t even really know where my next payment or income is coming from. I live entirely on hope, hustle, and heart palpitations. but it’s okay” she said

One of the main take-outs she had for anyone who would consider crowdfunding for their projects is that despite how difficult it is, it can equally be rewarding.

“If you choose to do it the first thing I need u to know is that it is not “the easy way” and it will really challenge your perception and confidence. But if you can hold on to your goal and if the goal is very clear and authentic, it can be an incredibly rewarding experience” she stated