‘At Times I Was Totally Broke’ American Woman Who Permanently Relocated To Ghana With Her Family Shares Her Experience


35-year-old woman Tiffany Soulbird who made the decision to move from California US to Ghana years ago has shared her experience revealing it was one of the best choices she ever made.

In a thread of tweet, Tiffany who is a freelance writer and editor reveals that the urge to visit Ghana was sparked by a DNA test she took years ago which revealed her African roots.

“I had been fascinated by Ghana ever since I found out through my aunt’s ancestry DNA test that we had ancestors from here. And I believe it was my ancestors that were ultimately guiding me to come here from the time I was a teenager,” she explains

In 2010, her 6 month trip to Ghana saw her connect with the environment deeply that she later decided to move permanently in 2013.

“In 2010, I made a trip to Ghana, W. Africa. It was 6 months that changed my life. For me, it was an important part of piecing together my identity. I swore I’d come back. So in 2013, I made the move from Southern Californa to Ghana, West Africa & I haven’t looked back.” she wrote

Far from the fact that her moving was triggered by her love for the West African country, Tiffany admits that life in the US was quite expensive. She recalls a time when she was broke and even had to beg a bus driver to allow her to pay less fare.

According to Tifanny, her mother who was living in Los Angeles was struggling financially and this took a toll on her before she agreed to move with her daughter.

“My mother chose to come with me because she needed a break, as she was struggling with the cost of living (live in L.A is expensive…) and also she was just stressed out to the point of being on disability,” she stated

Although the relocating expenses can be quite a headache, the mother of two says what made it possible was the savings she made from some lucrative writing jobs.

Despite the challenges in Ghana like poor infrastructure, unpaved roads, power outages, and sanitation problems Tiffanny together with her family has quite a lot to say about the good side of it.

What they like and enjoy about Ghana is the healthy lifestyle in the country which has helped Tiffany and her mom become more fit, affordable cost of living, and generally the friendly environment with welcoming locals.

To conclude her lifechanging experience, Tiffany refers to Ghana as her second home and further recommends people from different parts of the world to make an effort to visit the country.

“I’m glad to call Ghana my 2nd home. Even if you wouldn’t live here permanently, I suggest every person of African descent visit Gh for at least a month. You’ll be warmly welcomed, filled with good food, baked in sunshine, & overall very enriched by the experience.” she stated