The annual US Green lottery set to kick off from 3rd October


The annual US Green lottery is set to kick off 3rd October from 12pm EDT (7pm Kenyan time).

The US State Department the Diversity Visa Program DV-2020 application will close on November 6, 2018 giving applicants a one month period to fill in their applications.

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The lottery grants 55,000 permanent resident Visas commonly referred to as Green Cards to citizens of countries with a few number of immigrants to the United States of America with Kenyan citizens being eligible to apply for the Visa.

However for the DV-2020 program, there are countries whose citizens are ineligible because of the threshold put by the US government that dictates the number of immigrants moving to the US.

The countries whose more than50,000 nationals have moved to the US and therefore are ineligible include United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland), Soth Korea, Philippines, Peru ,Pakistan, Nigeria, Mexico, Jamaica, India, Haiti, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Colombia, China (Mailand-born), Canada, Brazil and Bangladesh.

Successful applicants are only allowed to immigrate to the US after going through a mandatory background check conducted by the US embassy at the home countries of the applicants. The winners of the DV-2019 lottery will start migrating to the US in the beginning of January 2020.

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Conditions set for one to qualify for the include that must one have completed high school or have either worked in a qualifying occupation for a period not less than two years. Applicants who are qualified are asked not use agents because the process is free of charge through the Department of state website.