Ann Waiguru, William Ruto most corrupt according to new research


The fight against corruption in the country took a different turn after the famous handshake when Presidents Uhuru Kenyatta and NASA leader decided to set their differences aside and work together.

Research firm IPSOS Synovate  in its recent report indicates that most Kenyans believe that Deputy President William Ruto is the most corrupt leader at 33 per cent while Kirinyaga County Governor Ann Waiguru coming in second at 31 per cent.
Ipsos conducted the survey between July and August 2018.

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In the report, retired President Daniel Arap Moi was also corrupt attracting a 17per cent rating on the corruption index. Others who were mentioned include retired president Mwai Kibaki at five per cent,Kalonzo Musyoka at 1 per cent  Raila Odinga five per cent and President Uhuru Kenyatta at 11 per cent.

The most popular scandals to have rocked the country include the loss of huge sums of money at the National Youth Service (NYS) Kenya Power,sugar and the National Cereals and Produce board scandals.

51% of Kenyans believe that the president is committed in the fight against corruption. The country has witnessed the arrest of very senior influential people in the country over the recent past over corruptions allegations. However, the report indicates that 73 per cent do not believe that those who have been implicated in the scandals and arraigned in court will be convicted.

In a quick rejoinder, Governor Waiguru has dismissed the report saying it is out to serve political interests of a few people while tarnishing the names of others. Speaking in Kirinyaga , Waiguru said she she will institute legal action against the firm.

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Waiguru further urged the DPP and DCI to investigate the famous Kabura affidavit that had implicated her as the main mastermind of the first NYS scandal.

“I am saying it today, there is a new DPP there is a new DCI let them come out and make it public and say they have investigated this kabura affidavit, and this is the person they’ve found,” said Waiguru.