Angry Magufuli declares his salary on live TV and leaves the world surprised


Tanzanian president John Pombe Magufuli has disclosed how much he takes home every month as president of the East African country.

Speaking on a live television programme this morning, the 57-year-old leader nicknamed the ‘bulldozer’ said his salary was 9 million Tanzanian shillings.

The amount translates to a little above $4,000 or £3,000.

In a speech to local officials on Tuesday he also said his government had slashed salaries of executives at state-owned companies at 15 million Tanzanian shillings ($6,700) a month — more than his own.

Magufuli’s take home is now about a quarter of the amount his predecessor Jakaya Kikwete got according to reports.

“Some board members of public organisations used to travel all the way to Dubai to hold their meetings there just so that they could pay themselves a hefty amount of per diems. They certainly don’t like what my government is doing now,” he said.

“They can leave if they don’t want it,” he said.

He said abuse of public funds was “rampant” at state firms and that he had rejected requests from some local officials to more than double their allowances, saying he could not do so while many citizens lack access to water, health care and electricity.

Last year, one opposition MP dared the president to declare his salary and argued the president should pay taxes.