Alex Mwakideu: From Turning Down A Job Offer In Germany To Becoming A Top Paid Media Personality In Kenya


After working for Deutsche Welle, Germany for 6 months, popular radio presenter Alex Mwakideu says that he was offered an oportunity to extend his contract; which he rejected.

Although his move might be perceived as miscalculated with the notion that one is more likely to thrive abroad, Mwakideu says that he does not regret his choice of returning to Kenya.

“I was in Germany for 6 months they offered me 2 year contract and another 3 years after but I said no, I want to come back home, there is money at home. I have done so well as a radio presenter. I’ve seen many other Africans in Kenya doing pretty well” he stated

In an interview with Wodemaya, the Milele FM radio presenter disclosed that his decision was influenced by the fact that Kenya is home and the availability of many other opportunities that would see him earn more than he did while abroad.

“Kenya is beautiful,it is my home and there are so many opportunities in Kenya for you to grab and move on, and make more money than I used to make in Germany.” he said

In a detailed explanation, Mwakideu added that he has managed to make 500% more in Kenya than he did in Germany and he would infact turn down a job offer from DW if they reached out to him.

He however does not dismiss the fact that the 6 month opportunity in Germany built his skills and knowledge which helped him flourish in his career.

“While in Germany I learnt alot and I came back with alot of content which helped me.” he added

Apart from his radio job, Mwakideu also ventured in car importing business and owns a car wash; a side hustle he is entirely passionate about.

The media personality also encouraged Africans to utilize what they have in their countries and kill the mentality that one can only be succesful abroad.

“There is what you want out there and there is what we have in here. The only thing we need is to make it in life. You can make it here. Our mother land has everything you need…” he concluded