Akothee first impresses Kenyans with new hairdo, then angers them after mentioning how much it costs


Controversial singer Akothee got a new hairdo and Kenyans really loved it, until she mentioned how much she spent.

During her birthday Akothee, went from her trademark look of short hair and almost zero make up to exactly the opposite.

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The mother of five is now donning a human hair weave something that has stirred the entertainment industry as many took to social media to congratulate her in all kinds of flirty ways.

During the weekend,however, Akothee revealed that she spent almost Ksh,300,000 on the weaves and everything changed.

The singer revealed that each weave costs around Ksh 74,000 which sums up to Ksh 296,000, something that Kenyans totally disagreed with.

She went ahead to claim any man who wants to date her should come loaded because she is not cheap.

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”Babe just know that this hair alone is KSh 74,000 , I need 4 different ones to carry me this month,” she captioned on social media. 

Many attacked her for exaggerating her figures saying the she was donning just a “normal” weave.

Some however, agreed with her but didn’t understand why such an expensive hairstyle was necessary while others defended her holding that the singer was a celebrity and beautiful to deserve such expensive hair.

Several female celebrities, mostly socialites, have made news in the past because of their expensive hairdos.

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From socialite Vera Sidika to news anchor Betty Kyalo, celebs have confessed using as much as a million on their hair to look glamours.