Akothee to fellow women:Rich men will eat you and leave you as poor as they found you


Sensational singer and entrepreneur Akothee took time to share important advise to materialistic women.

The singer who recently opened up about her baby daddies warned ladies of rich men who will use them then leave them as they found the.

In a social media post, the singer shared deeply how women lose their focus because of rich men who end up living them high and dry.

“There is no rich man who would ever make a woman rich,” Said the singer.

“They will give you tokens so you keep on going back to them , and the day they dump you ! Most of them would like to see you back onto your original situation ! They will start by kicking you out of their houses if your name din’t appear anywhere on the papers !! Never be too comfortable dating someone who has made in life! be there with your eyes wide open !

“Remember they made it without you so you are just but secondary in their lives , it’s very difficult to collect yourself if you were dependant on them !if they love you for real, let them put up a business for you, or allow you to work for yourself , other than being a teddy bear in their hotel rooms !but you changing channels in their big living rooms following series ! Ayeeee when he’ll will break lose , even the watchman will lock you outside the gate

“Your personal Driver won’t a dress you as madam again !he will call you by your names “Esther no I can’t drop you ,my boss will be angry #thinkingofyou #Usikubalikukaliwa, there is no beautiful woman than a woman who knows her worth !

“Drop it like a hot pan if it’s not adding value to your life! Some doors are not closed , you only need to push, if he cares let the car and the house be in your names then you can call it OUR CAR OUR HOUSE , then you can now Enjoy business class trips wuth him, mmm you haven’t sitted watching TV and see buyers walk in surveying the house , next thing it’s on sale you have no say ! Huko ndiko kuchanganyikiwa huanza, kwanza ukiwa na watoto wengi kama Akothee maskini nitaanza wapi?