After 14 Years In US, Victoria Rubadiri Reveals How She Struggled To Fit In On Her Return To Kenya



Before establishing her media career in Kenya, Victoria Rubadiri was based in the USA ever since she relocated with her family at the age of 10. The citizen TV journalist who is now among the top news anchor in the country has in several interviews revealed her experiences and times while in the US.

Although growing up in Atlantic City gave her the opportunity to create beautiful memories, Rubadiri has in the past narrated how she did not have it all smooth. According to the mother of one, her greatest challenge was the struggle to fit which pushed her to have a low self-esteem.

“I’ve always wanted to fit in. I’ll admit it’s been a weakness of mine. I guess it stemmed from that insecure 10-year-old Kenyan girl trying to find a place in this ‘New World,’ called America. My ‘funny accent,’ and ‘funny name,’ would ensure my square peg would never fit in their round holes” she says

PHOTO/COURTESY Victoria Rubadiri Instagram

In a recent confession, the media personality also reveals that this is not just a challenge she experienced in the US but had to battle with the same issue on her return to Kenya. The cultural difference and adjusting to the way of life in Kenya seemed so foreign to her and it made her feel out of place.

“A decade ago when I returned to Kenya, after 14 years in the US, I was met with the same dilemma this time trying to fit into a culture that was my own but was so foreign. Again my ‘funny accent,’ and ‘funny name,’ (Rubadiri is Malawian🇲🇼) made sure of that.” She stated

She, however, gives credit to her journalism role citing it as one of the major reasons she accepted herself instead of constantly feeling left out.

PHOTO/COURTESY Victoria Rubadiri Instagram

Upon her return she worked as a business journalist at Capital FM for about  two years before she moved to Nation Media Group (NTV) where she was a news anchor and host of Victoria’s lounge.

Over the years, the 33-year-old who now works for Royal Media Services has used her media position as a platform to learn more about fellow Kenyans and the world at large.

“Something helped though and that was becoming a journalist right when I got back home. It turned me into a student of my Kenyan people, language, and peculiarities.

“Every story I told was a lesson. Each year I grew in my career, I accepted my ‘outsider’ tag a bit more and used it to my advantage” she wrote in her post

Her advice to other people who feel like they do not belong is that they should learn to celebrate their unique aspect to avoid feeling left out.