African Countries That Are On Lockdown Due To CoronaVirus Outbreak


Different parts of the globe, including some countries in the African continent, have been forced to put strict measures like closing their borders as a way of combating the coronavirus outbreak.

According to a recent update by the World Health Organization, 42 African countries have confirmed coronavirus cases totaling 1117 infections with 33 reported deaths.

Egypt and South Africa have recorded the highest number of reported cases as compared to other African countries with 297 and 205 infections respectively.

As of Saturday 21st March, other African countries like Eritrea and Uganda reported first confirmed coronavirus cases.

The World Health Organization had earlier warned African Countries to prepare for the worst as a result of the increase of coronavirus cases within the continent.

With the recent developments of the COVID-19 outbreak in Africa, here are some of the countries that have announced a lockdown.


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PHOTO/COURTESY Rwandan President Paul Kagame

On 21st March, Rwanda announced a lockdown for two weeks in efforts to contain the virus from spreading further. They currently have 17 confirmed cases.

Some of the measures that the citizens are expected to comply with include, working from home, minimal movements, closure of bars shops and markets, closed borders among others.


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PHOTO/COURTESY Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni

During a press conference, Ugandan head of state Yoweri Museveni announced the closure of their borders.

โ€œWe have decided to prohibit all passenger planes coming from outside Uganda from landing at any of the airports of Uganda. Only cargo planes will be allowed to fly in and out of Uganda,โ€ President Yoweri Museveni

He also made it clear that the directive applies to both Ugandan citizens and people from other nationalities. This move came after the country announced its first confirmed case.


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After reporting 57 coronavirus cases, Moroccoโ€™s government called for a total lockdown in their country.