Activists Boniface Mwangi shuns Pepsi Advert: It’s a white supremacy complex


A recent commercial from Pepsi has been labeled as one of the most disastrous marketing effort from the company and has sparked outrage.

The drink received an onslaught of backlash in the form of tweets and memes after many the commercials that features supermodel and Kardashian.

In Kenya Boniface Mwangi has joined the list of other leaders shunning the advert saying it’s a failure.

“Let me tell you, forget about Pepsi. If you gave the police a cold Tusker in a protest, they will smash it over your head. It is an advertisement failure,” Boniface said.

It’s is a white supremacy complex. Pepsi blundered in a very big way by trying to use the social movement, Black Lives Matter. The reason why people are complaining is because Pepsi trivialised the issue by showing a soda could solve or break the mistrust between police and the community or the community and the government. They took something close to people’s hearts and commercialised it. It backfired on them.

“Instead of apologising to the social movement they are apologising to the actress. You did not offend her, you offended an entire social movement across the world by saying you can face a police baton and teargas with a can of soda. That is being plainly stupid.”

Watch the advert below:




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