‘It was an accident’! More details of how Kendale Kimani shot dead her ex-husband emerge


A 35-year old woman is in US police custody after allegedly shooting to death her ex—husband in Rhome, Texas.

Marie Kendale Kimani is said to have shot 40-year old Jonathan Tumbo on Wednesday after they had an altercation. The woman made a distress call to the police only for the police to arrive in her house and find Mr. Tumbo dead.

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Upon questioning, Ms. Kimanini indeed confirmed that the two had engaged in a physical altercation. However the police say that the suspect’s account of events was not coherent with the evidence.

Jonathan Tumbo

“Subsequent follow-up investigation by investigators and related evidence was not consistent with Kimani’s account of physical altercation,” said the US authorities in a press statement.

“The suspected party (Kimani) stated she had been in an argument with the male over a phone call with another female,” the affidavit states.

Tumbo was found inside the master bedroom closet. She told officers that Tumbo entered the closet and asked her to follow him. That’s when she said he placed his hand around her throat and produced a gun.

“A physical altercation ensued and (Kimani) was able to gain control of the firearm. (Kimani) stated the firearm discharged, striking the male on the left side of the chest. (Kimani) told deputies she did not mean to kill him,” said a police statement. 

Civil court records indicate Kimani filed for divorce from Tumbo in June, and their divorce was finalized Aug. 24. They had been married since April of 2009, according to the court record.

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Ms. Kimani is under police custody at the Wise County Jail as she awaits to raise bail money which amounts to Ksh100 million.

Domestic violence cases among Kenyans in the US have been rising in a worrying trend. Just in August this year, another Kenyan man Bernard Mogaka Okero was charged with battery and attempted murder after she attacked his wife Emily Kwamboka at a fueling station who ended up with serious injuries. She was lucky as the emergency team rushed her to Norton Hospital to receive treatment.